NVIDIA limits RTX 3060 crypto speeds as it introduces mining cards


Its not leaving miners empty-handed. The firm is launching a new CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) line of add-in cards that doesnt do graphics, but is fine-tuned for crypto mining performance.

The rationale is simple: NVIDIA desires to put GeForce cards “in the hands of players,” not just those intending to make a profit by generating digital cash. While the very high need from miners has actually benefited NVIDIAs bottom line in the brief term, it has actually frustrated gamers, experts and daily users who simply desire much better than incorporated graphics– NVIDIA even revived years-old GPUs simply to give consumers some options. Scalping and rate gouging have been all too common for those GPUs that do end up being available.

This most likely wont please miners who were looking forward to the RTX 3060s February 25th launching with interest, and a comparable hash limitation for other NVIDIA GPUs wouldnt reduce lacks for a while. Still, there may be a chance that you can buy a high-end GPU for your gaming PC without needing to set up inventory informs or pay a premium.

Anxious that the GeForce RTX 3060 will be sold out as cryptocurrency miners grab every GPU in sight? NVIDIA believes it has an easy way to assist: make the new card unsightly to the crypto crowd. The company has actually revealed that its cutting the hash rate (mining efficiency) of the RTX 3060 in half for Ethereum miners. The driver software can identify the Ethereum mining algorithm and throttle performance in action.