Fox, Rick & Morty creator plan a blockchain and NFT-enabled animated series


The Hollywood Reporter estimated Fox CEO Charlie Collier informing advertisers that “simply as were doing this for our own animation, we will likewise assist your brands link straight with fans and lovers through NFTs. KRAPOPOLIS is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece from Emmy Award-winning developer Dan Harmon (“Rick and Morty,” “Community”). Additionally, KRAPOPOLIS will serve as the first-ever animated series curated totally on the Blockchain, as FOX and Bento Box enter the NFT organization.

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KRAPOPOLIS is an animated funny set in legendary ancient Greece from Emmy Award-winning creator Dan Harmon (“Rick and Morty,” “Community”). On a problematic family of humans, gods and beasts that attempts to run one of the worlds first cities without killing each other. Totally owned and financed by FOX Entertainment, the comedy will be produced by its Emmy Award-winning animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment. Furthermore, KRAPOPOLIS will function as the first-ever animated series curated completely on the Blockchain, as FOX and Bento Box go into the NFT business. The business will launch a dedicated marketplace for KRAPOPOLIS that will curate and sell digital products, ranging from NFTs of unique character and background art and GIFs, in addition to tokens that supply special social experiences to engage and reward super fans.

Throughout its upfronts discussion on Monday, Fox told marketers about a new animated series that leans on 2 buzzwords that you have actually definitely heard even if you dont understand what they are: blockchain and NFT. Krapopolis, from Community and Rick & & Morty developer Dan Harmon, is “an animated funny embeded in legendary ancient Greece” following monsters, people and gods trying to exist together.

Where the crypto-buzz can be found in is in numerous methods. Fox is releasing its own NFT business, Blockchain Creative Labs, together with the program to “produce, sell and manage NFTs, tokens and digital products.” As such, Krapopolis will be the first program ever “curated totally on the blockchain.”

What does that mean exactly? Well, aside from representing a way to capitalize the shows appeal (assuming it follows the course of Rick & & Morty sending out fans chasing after collectible tie-ins), its also about marketing. The Hollywood Reporter priced estimate Fox CEO Charlie Collier informing marketers that “just as were doing this for our own animation, we will also assist your brands connect directly with fans and enthusiasts through NFTs. With and for you, Fox will assist art fulfill brands fulfill technology”